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Chronicling the films and the times of Rajesh Khanna, Dark Star looks at the phenomenon of an actor who redefined the 'film star'. Much like a celestial object doomed to darkness, after a glorious run, Rajesh Khanna might have spent a better half of his career in the shadow of his own stardom, but even after forty years of his last monstrous hit, he continues to be the yardstick by which every single Bollywood star is measured.

Tracing four decades Dark Star follows the life, the times and the cinema of Rajesh Khanna besides exploring the prism from which the image of the hero is viewed in popular Hindi cinema. With a foreword by Sharmila Tagore, the book was voted as one of the best books of 2014 by leading book critics. 


Dark Star: The Loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna went into a second print within 8 weeks of release and also garnered great critical acclaim from both English as well as Hindi press. The paperback edition was launched in 2017 with an endorsement from none other than the legendary poet-filmmaker Gulzar, who called it 'a superbly written biography of a superstar.'


The book is also available in Hindi and Marathi. 




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